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Vibing with the world. Literally!

Does it ever feel like the world has become too much for you to cope with? Are you always stressed, or does your entire system feel like it’s out of whack?

Far too often, the pace at which our lives move leaves us with little room for self-introspection. We get so busy living! There are meetings, deadlines, examinations, and events—even falling in love is a hectic thing at times!

Under these circumstances, slowing down seems like it’s far too much of a luxury, doesn’t it?

I mean, who has the time to actually stop and think, “am I okay?”

But, and hear me out—is that the kind of life you’d like to live? Or would you like to stop, and just take 15 minutes to experience something much, muchbetter?

The world of sound healing is one that can show you the joy of living. It can recenter your focus, give you more energy, do away with the stresses that come with everyday existence, and all in all, just make things so much better!

Does it sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought when I was on the brink of all I learned.

A study in 2006 discovered that sound resonance therapy (SRT) is a very effective treatment for fibromyalgia, a pain disorder throughout the body that also complicated sleeping. SRT is proceeded by using a vibro-acoustic apparatus which “stimulates the auditory and the somatosensory system of an individual, triggering long-term memory” (Cogan, J., Camus, M., Saucier, J. F., Arsenault, P., & Demers, J., 2006)

In this book, we’re going to go over everything that’ll make sound healing your best friend. We’ll begin by looking at singing bowls and tuning forks, learning how to play them for specific healing purposes.

Next, we’ll also understand the human parasympathetic system, and find out how you can move away from a constant state of fight-or-flight to living relaxed, worry-free, and happy.

You may have heard of the elusive Solfeggio frequencies and thought they don’t sound attainable. That’s a thing of the past because, with this book, you will also learn to harness each of these frequencies and understand how they can heal specific parts of your body.

Finally, we’ll go over chakra healing and recentering theories, so you understand that all in all, you are a body of pure, divine energy, and all you need is a bit of refocus to get your mojo back. That’s what our main aim will be.

So here’s the peak into everything we’ll cover in this book. You will find out the following, and then some:

  • How pent-up energy is disturbing the flow in our lives, and what we can do to counter it (with sound healing, of course).
  • How you can mentally prepare yourself to reap the most out of your sound healing session.
  • How you can play singing bowls and tuning forks using different techniques, right in the comfort of your own home.
  • How you can use sound healing instruments for a full-body healing experience.
  • How you can harness the Schumann resonance for bettering your entire life and every aspect of your body.

And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? A world of healing awaits you, and it is going to teach you new things about yourself and what you’re capable of! You don’t need to spend a single day feeling tired of how chaotic everything has become.





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