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CENTER YOURSELF: In a world full of chaos, we often forget the importance of staying grounded. Often our busy schedules don’t allow time to do relaxing activities like yoga or reading or soaking in a bath. That’s why Telsha created our new Deep Singing Bowl. Boasting beautiful artistry and premium performance, this therapeutic set provides a quick and simple way to take a mental “time out” and regroup. Using our chakra bowl just a few minutes a day can help give you the mental boost your need.
HOW IT WORKS: Originating in ancient Asia, singing bowls have been widely used for their healing and calming properties. This sound healing instrument has an extraordinary effect by positioning it on a ring stand or on your palm. Using a wood mallet with a suede or leather end, gently run the fabric along the edge of the ceremonial bowl. The reaction causes a deep, soothing noise that causes vibrations. This sound lends to feelings of zen and peace.
IMPECCABLE WORKMANSHIP: The Telsha Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is locally sourced in India and each piece has its own, unique character. Our sound bowls has a depth of 4” and diameter of 5.5”, making them more user-friendly and easier to produce a vibrating sound especially for beginners. Using premium-quality metal, wood, suede, and silk – this meditation kit guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality.


The Telsha Sound Bowl with Mallet offers traditional aesthetics with a modern twist. Used for centuries throughout Asia, these popular Himalayan, Tibetan, and Buddhist singing bowls have been integrated in many religious and spiritual ceremonies. In more recent years, people have used these soothing instruments as a way to help ground and centre oneself. Our sound bowls flaunt a deeper and wider construction than most, lending themselves to easier use and clearer, more harmonious sound production. Set-up is simple – just center it on the silk ring or place the bowl on your palm, and it’s ready to go! Glide the suede part of your mallet along the rim and you’ll almost immediately enjoy beautiful sound and vibrations. Locally made in India, these meditation instruments are not just stylish – they also have a character and charm you can’t find with products like it. Every aspect of these sets reveals impeccable attention to detail as well as top-notch workmanship. Enjoy these luxurious singing bowls in your home, office, or anywhere relaxation is needed. Product Details: (1) Singing Bowl (1) Wood Mallet with Suede Tip (1) Ethnic Designed cushion, black Dimensions: 5.5″ x 4″

GORGEOUS AESTHETICS AND DESIGN: Each singing chakra bowl features a gorgeous e pattern that gives these meditative pieces a stunning appearance. Coupled with the black ethnic style cushion and the suede-tipped mallet – this collection exudes old-world elegance and beauty. So, aside from its therapeutic and healing properties, our tibetan ceremonial set seamlessly elevates the vibe and motif of any room. The Telsha bowl creates the perfect coffee table, desktop, or office decor.
THE PERFECT GIFT SET: Particularly for those who value ancient traditions and natural healing techniques, our singing bowl sets would make a great gift for most. Whether used for meditation and chakra balance or just as a decorative “talking piece” – the Telsha gift set is versatile enough for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, housewarmings, and even baby showers! Or just keep it for you own spiritual growth and centring.

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