KHUSI Himalayan Singing Bowl Set of 7, Thadobati, Handcrafted, Mantra Engraved w/Silk Cushions, 7 sticks, Brocade Box Price: $169.00 (as of 03/01/2024 03:40 PST- Details)

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Handcrafted in Nepal

Only the best and skilled artisans from Nepal can produce these singing bowl using traditional processes. To make one, it requires the right amount of heat and several painstaking hours of precision hammering a piece of 7 metal alloy until the desired shape and sound is produced. Each piece is carefully tested to validate the sound quality by highly experienced local artisans of Nepal.

A Spiritually Decorated Item

The outer and inner walls are decorated with a combination of Black and Copper tone making these Singing Bowls look classic and stunning. The outer walls are engraved with Buddhist Chant called Om Mane Padme Hum while the inner base has engraving of the Eye of the Buddha also called the Wisdom Eye. The outer base is engraved with wave and geometric Mantgra shapes while the middle portion has Ying and Yang like shape making it a highly antique piece that you can either use for meditative purpose or just as a décor item to elevate your interior space.

THADOBATI DESIGN W/ ENGRAVED SINGING BOWL – These 7 set singing bowls famously known as ‘Thadobati’ for its high straight wall and slight flat base shape is known to produce incredible resonance and vibration. Engraved with Buddhist Mantra on the outer wall and Buddha Eye (Wisdom Eye) on the inner base, these singing bowls surely is an eye catcher with its 2 toned color combination of Black and Copper.
THE MAGIC OF 7 METALS – These 7 singing bowl set has 7 different size and weight made using 7 metals (Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead). It products 7 different rich and deep sound that is believed to have planetary influence on 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) that is believed to influence environmental harmony and well being of the body.
EXPERIENCE HEALING BENEFITS – Hit the sides or rim around the walls with a wooden mallet to produce sound and vibration for instant relief and relaxation. Use it daily as a meditation tool to balance physical, spiritual and mental energy. Proven to rejuvenate and promotes positive energy in physical realm, the sound and vibration produced affects every body cell and increases vital energy flow. Nonetheless it removes blockades, toxins and negative energy to relieve stress, depression, pain, migraine, blood pressure, insomnia and much more.

The Package Includes

  • 7 Piece of Black and Copper Toned Thadobati Singing Bowls with approx. sizes ranging from 2.7” to 5.1”
  • 7 set of colorful silk cushions to rest or balance the bowl
  • 7 wooden mallets (stick)
  • 1 Brocade Silk Storage Box

Approx. Weight – 2600 grams

CAN BE GIFTED TO 7 PEOPLE – Gift these antique design metal singing bowls to your loved one as a complete set or to 7 different individuals. A unique and thoughtful gift that will be remembered for decades for those who love practicing yoga, meditation and spirituality. Perfect for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, Easter or any happening occasions.
PLAY BY RIMMING OR STRIKING – It’s just a bowl if you don’t know how to use it. But a powerful tool if you know how. Place the bowl on your palm or a cushion. Gently strike the bowl with the mallet to produce a high metallic pitch ‘Ting’ sound. Or, hold the mallet as a pen and slowly circle around the wall to generate a soothing sound that grows with every circling.

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